SAGA HILL – Undyed Yarn – 100% Silk & 100% Wool

Image of undyed silk yarn

fine fibers & yarns – silk & silk blends
studio of artist/author W.J. Johnson

Due to the complexities with importing silk and silk-blend yarns, what we have in stock here is all we have to offer. We will not continue to carry these yarns. INVENTORY IS LOW ON ALL OF THE REMAINING STOCK!

Silk Yarn

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Image of SH-0018, "Zola" yarn

“Zola” Cultivated Silk Yarn SH-0018
100% Cultivated (Bombyx) Silk
A bright white 2-ply spun yarn. Dyes with a fabulous luster. (Origin: China)
12/2 cultivated silk yarn
Weaving: 18 epi, plain weave
2-ply – lace weight
approx. 613 yd/561 m; approx. 3.4 oz/95 g skein

per skein

Image of SH-20-202

Tiny Zig-Zag "Frise" Cultivated Silk Yarn SH-20-202
100% Cultivated Silk
For weaving or knitting. This silk yarn has a matte texture, and adds a softly crunchy texture to your weaving or knitting. (Origin: Italy)
Weaving: Not recommended for warp.
Knitting: Cobweb Lace weight – (10+ st in/2.5 cm; #000 US/1.5 mm needle)
820 yd/750 m;
1.8 oz/50 g skein

per skein

Image of SH-30-011

Silk Noil Tweed Yarn – in 2 natural colorways SH-30-011
100% Reeled and Noil Silk
in natural colors as seen in photo, from bottom: Only the bottom two remain in stock: Dark and Natural (specify your choice when ordering)
This is a mixed color noil yarn plied with gleaming reeled silk. It has a tweedy texture that is gorgeous either knitted or woven. Mix it with other yarns for weaving. There are two remaining colors to choose from: Natural and Dark (a dark, brown-grey). They are so perfect together, but are equally lovely on their own. (Origin: Japan)
Weaving: Novelty construction – May be used for warp or weft.
Knitting: fingering weight
2 ply;
approx. 298 yd/272 m;
1.8 oz/50 g skein

per skein

Silk Noil Tweed

Image of SH-10-214

50% Cultivated Silk/50% Tussah Silk Yarn SH-10-214
Bombyx (Cultivated) Silk 50%/Tussah Silk 50%
Weaving: 4/2 construction - May be used for warp or weft.
Knitting: sport weight
2-ply (1 ply in Cultivated Silk and 1 ply in Tussah Silk)
112 yd/102 m; 1.8 oz/50 g skein

per skein

Wool Yarn

Image of SH-0061-50

"Lovik" 100% Wool Yarn SH-0061-50
100% Fine Count Wool (approx. 24 microns)
Extremely soft, creamy white. Felts beautifully!
Single ply –
heavy worsted weight
111 yd/101 m;
1.8 oz/50 g skein

per skein