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The first line of colors in the Minnesota Dye Series™ – Lake Minnetonka Colorway™ – is available now. Hand-whipped in small batches, these dyes are finely blended to give you the most accurate color mix and a powder that quickly dissolves in solution. These dyes are easy for beginning dyers to use and of a quality that will please the professional dyer. All you will need to provide is a pre-soak detergent (Synthrapol or equal is recommended) and vinegar or citric acid crystals.

The dyes have an eco-friendly, "minimal impact" chemical dye base.

NOTE: These dyes are strictly for protein fibers, such as wool, silk, alpaca, llama, etc.

1 pack will dye 100–300 grams of fiber.
More fiber or less dye will result in a lighter color. The darker dye colors typically dye more grams of fiber than the lighter colors.

Your purchase includes the dye pack (or 2 packs if you select that option—must be the same color), instruction sheet (with exclusive online access to information on how to microwave dye and handpaint with the Minnesota Dyes), and a reusable air- and light-tight storage tin.

Image of dye and packaging

$4 a pack USD
(packaged individually in its own storage tin), plus tax (MN residents only) and shipping/handling

$7 USD for 2 packs of the same colorway (the set is packaged together in one storage tin), plus tax (MN residents only) and shipping/handling

SH-0101 – Wayzata Bay (yellow)
Wayzata Bay color

SH-0101 - Wayzata Bay

SH-0102 – Gideon Bay (ochre)
Wayzata Bay color

SH-0102 - Gideon Bay

SH-0103 – Excelsior Bay (bright orange)
Excelsior Bay color

SH-0103 - Excelsior Bay

SH-0104 – Carman Bay (bright red)
Carman Bay color

SH-0104 - Carman Bay

SH-0105 – St. Alban's Bay (deep purple)
St. Alban's Bay color

SH-0105 - St. Alban's Bay

SH-0106 – Crystal Bay (bright sky blue)
Crystal Bay color

SH-0106 - Crystal Bay

SH-0107 – Lafayette Bay (bright lime green)
Lafayette Bay color

SH-0107 - Lafayette Bay

SH-0108 – Rocky Reef (yellow-toned brown)
Rocky Reef color

SH-0108 - Rocky Reef

SH-0109 – Crescent Beach (deep rusty brown)
Crescent Beach color

SH-0109 - Crescent Beach

SH-0110 – Sunset Point (reddish brown)
Sunset Point color

SH-0110 - Sunset Point

SH-0111 – Spirit Island (plum)
Spirit Island color

SH-0111 - Spirit Island

SH-0112 – Big Island (navy blue)
Big Island color

SH-0112 - Big Island

SH-0113 – Cedar Point (dark green with red undertones)
Cedar Point color

SH-0113 - Cedar Point




Minnesota Dye Series™ Sample Chart
Purchase a Lake Minnetonka Colorway color sample chart (as seen below) for $1.50/each USD, plus tax (MN residents only) and shipping/handling.

(The colors below are a guide and may not be true depending on the calibration of your monitor–click on the image to see a larger version. Spirit Island is new and not yet shown in the chart photos.)

Lake Minnetonka Colorway sample color chart



Minnesota Series Dyes™
hand whipped ~ for protein fibers

Photo of mixing dyes

For the adventurous fiber person, try my line of hand-whipped Minnesota Series Dyes™. These protein fiber dyes have been created in small batches to achieve the finest blending of dye particles. I use an eco-friendly, "minimal impact" chemical dye base as the source of my colors.


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