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Build your own spinning wheel from the ground up!

In honor of Louet’s 40th anniversary Louet has re-imagined the S10 spinning wheel. The S10 Concept spinning wheel takes a modular, customized approach, so YOU can pick your favorite wheel configuration.

*1. WHEEL TYPE - First chose the frame /wheel with 1 or 2 treadles and with three spokes, five-spokes, or the Classic design. 
*2. TENSION TYPE - Then chose your choice of tension system: Irish or Scotch (bobbin- or flyer lead). 
(see all wheel base options and prices)
*3. FLYER TYPE - Last but not least, choose what type of flyer you would like: Standard size with sliding guides or hooks, jumbo with hooks or art yarn, or high speed.

Then add bobbins that will match your tension and flyer selection.

Everything else is á-la-cart. For instance, get a stand alone Lazy Kate or bobbin racks that are on-board the wheel and hold up to 4 bobbins… this wheel is VERY portable so get a Custom Carry Bag… pick up different flyers and bobbins to match. It's all YOUR choice!

S10 wheels are the easiest ever to teach spinning with, or to learn on. They weigh 14 lbs. and come with a clear lacquer finish; they are available in single or double treadle, 3 wheel styles, and have either Irish or Scotch tension. All wheels are made of European beech and birch plywood. Accessories available for the S10 Concept include: a stand alone skein-winder, a four bobbin lazy Kate, high speed flyers, fat-core bobbins, Art Yarn flyers, and more. 

(see all wheel base options and prices)

Contact us for more information or to set up a time to drop by and take the wheel on a test drive. (At this time, we are not offering Louët products for online sales.)



For over 40 Years, the Louët team in Holland has been researching, designing, experimenting, and consulting with customers to create a superior line of spinning wheels.

Louët wheels treadle lightly, are low maintenance and nearly adjustment free, and can be modified with accessories for the expert spinner.

Louët wheels were originally geared towards spinning medium to heavy yarns. Although bobbins and flyers are available for spinning this type of yarn, the wheels have been redesigned to be more suitable for spinning fine to medium yarns. The orifice on the standard wheel is sufficiently large (12.5 mm or 1/2") as are the bobbins, (180-250 g capacity), to allow you to create novelty yarns.
Wheels come equipped with two attachment points where you can add in a two bobbin lazy kate (with a total capacity of 4 bobbins on board when both kates are attached).

All Louët wheels are made of laminated hardwood with a "birch" exterior finish. Technically all Louet models are the same. Each wheel has a single belt bobbin drive with an adjustable flyer brake to regulate the tension. The flexible belts are made of polyurethane and never have to be adjusted.

All wheels are packed and shipped partially assembled in a flat box. The required assembly consists quite simply of tightening two nuts for which tools and instructions are provided. The shipping weight is 17-18 lbs. Saga Hill can also assemble your wheel for you at no extra charge as long as you pick it up in person from us. We do not ship assembled wheels due to the possibility of damage in shipping.

Ratios: All bobbins have a sheave with three settings on one side that can be used to obtain three different spinning ratios. On the standard bobbin, the ratios are: 1:5.5 for slow spinning and heavy yarn; 1:7.5 for medium yarn; and, 1:10.5 for fast spinning and fine yarn.

The fly wheels of all models are 50 cm (20") in diameter. They rotate on a maintenance free, lubricated for life ball bearing pack to ensure excellent spinning ability by allowing them to turn freely and quitely. The same maintenance free ball bearing is used at the footman connection. (Absolutely no lubrication is necessary for the bearings to work correctly)



Louët products

Saga Hill is proud to represent the Louët line of superbly high quality spinning, dyeing, and weaving products from Holland.

Now featuring…
the NEW S10 Concept Spinning Wheel –
the only wheel you will EVER need!
This is the S10 Concept, 3-spoke, double treadle, Scotch Tension wheel (shown without flyer).
See more wheel base options and prices.

The original classic S10 wheel is back in production!
Saga Hill is again offering the original classic S10 Irish tension single treadle and double treadle wheels, and the classic double treadle Scotch tension wheel—and parts for all Louet products, including the classic wheels (by order only). See Classic S10 options and prices.

“The Louët S10 was the first wheel I learned to spin on and continues to be my preferred wheel for teaching. It's a real workhorse and has been serving me well for over 30 years. With the 2015 release of the S10 Concept Wheel, there is no need to look any further for your spinning needs—now or in the future. This wheel gives the spinner their choice of wheel—from high speed to art yarn, single treadle or double treadle—all from the same wheel base. It's modular! It's also a cost savings. If this wheel had been available years ago, it would have saved me money as I wouldn't have needed any other wheel to do all the types of spinning I do.”
– W. J. Johnson, author of Yarn Works: How to Spin, Dye, and Knit Your Own Yarn, fiber arts teacher, and founder of Saga Hill Designs


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